Guiding visitors during their day at the beach
Identity and wayfinding during the renovation of the Scheveningen Middenboulevard

In a team at Mijksenaar

For Heijmans and Gemeente Den Haag, production by Cubord

Currently being implemented, professional images will follow.

For a good while visitors of Scheveningen will encounter a construction site when visiting the boulevard. But why should this construction stand in way of a fun day at the beach? 

Leading a team at Mijksenaar I designed an engaging temporary identity with elements of placemaking and wayfinding. We wanted to make sure that the public still enjoys their time at the beach and boulevard whilst it is undergoing renovation. The identity reflects the Scheveningen character, being bold and colourful without being too literal. Shapes and graphics that allows visitors to create their own stories and associations. 
My role in the project was having both end responsibility as well as being lead designer that created concept, creative vision and developed elements of graphic design and placemaking. 

The strength of the plan is in the combination of elements that are held together by a recognisable identity. This includes using landmarks, allowing space for input from local artists and entrepreneurs, branding the pedestrian bridges, opening the construction wall to allow visitors to see the sea and several other wayfinding interventions to make the space dynamic and enjoyable!

A strong graphic identity

The total length of the temporary wall that encloses the construction site is 1400m. This imense canvas asks for a for a graphic design that is playful, flexible and allows for reproducability without being repetitive. I wanted to have all designs unique, a complete wall without repetitions! 

Communicating with wayfinding

An essential part of making sure visitors are having a good experience is enabling them to find their beach or boulevard destination without difficulty. A comprehensive wayfinding plan was developed with information being displayed on the construction wall as well as on separte totems in the surrounding area. 
To make the wayfinding functional and accessible a typeface was chosen that is both fun and legible, with a strong graphic character. Map, pictograms and layout are all in line with the overall identity and builds on the Scheveningen character. 

The coming months all separate elements will be realised and implemented. This means two pedestrian bridges in their own colour to match the overall concept, cutouts in the construction wall to allow for a view to the sea, two large landmarks and a whole bunch of cool flags.
In order to shape a strong and coherent story, the communications team of the municipality of Den Haag is using the same identity in their posts and messages, using our input and guidelines. 

The colours in action

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